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Ad-Aware Pro is a comprehensive anti-malware product that detects an extensive range of threats.  It is capable of detecting spyware, adware and even some viruses.

 It is available with a free scan (free trial) and you may download today.

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Overview: LavaSoft Ad-Aware Pro has a broad array of security features.  Although the name implies it only covers adware, it actually includes anti-spyware, anti-adware and some anti-virus.

This includes trojans, worms, keyloggers, popups, rootkits, ID theft, hijackers, dialers and more.  It also tries to protect your PC from 'bad' websites when on the internet.

It can detect an impressive amount of malware, over 2 million according to LavaSoft.  Add to that the heuristics (behaviour based) detection, Ad-Aware tries to maximise your protection in this area.

It also features an updater to keep your malware list as current as possible.

It operates in real-time and includes a scheduled scanner, as well as the on demand scanner.

LavaSoft Ad-Aware Pro Information
Ad-Aware Pro features a System Protection Status "Dashboard"
screen with access to the on-demand scan.

The scans can also be customised through scan profiles. 

Pro V Plus: Ad-Aware Pro and Ad-Aware Plus are very similar products,  The main extra features of Ad-Aware Pro are:

  • Ad-Watch Live Expert.
  • Network Drive Scanning.
  • Command Line Support.
  • Lavasoft Toolbox which include Process Watch, ThreatWork, Hosts File Editor and AutoStart Manager. 

System Requirements:  
This software is designed to operate on PCs.  For more information on requirements refer to the more information button.
LavaSoft Ad-Aware Pro More Information

Integration: Ad-Aware Pro includes anti-spyware, anti-adware and some anti-virus, amongst other features, plus an extensive range of malware detections.  It however doesn't have a firewall.

DashBoard: The System Protection Status screen provides useful summary information and access to other functions within Ad-Aware Pro.

Vigilance: You may refer to our Security Solution Summary as to the importance of understanding how software security should be complimented with your own caution and vigilance.

Free Features:  Ad-Aware Pro has a free trial which includes a free scan.


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LavaSoft Ad-Aware Pro Download  LavaSoft Ad-Aware Pro More Info

LavaSoft Ad-Aware Pro Download

 LavaSoft Ad-Aware Pro Download


LavaSoft AB
Ad-Aware Pro



LavaSoft AB - Ad-Aware Pro Review
  Free System Scan Review LavaSoft AB - Ad-Aware Pro
 Download LavaSoft AB - Ad-Aware Pro Download
 Malware The term 'MalWare' has evolved as a 'catch-all' phrase that can encompass any manner of viruses, spyware, adware or worms etc. The term can be derived from the phrase 'Malicious Software' and can be used to describe a wide range of problems. Yes
 Viruses  A computer virus is a form of MalWare that replicates and spreads across multiple computers. It can take the form of a trojan, worm (network virus), keylogger or other form of pest. Yes
 Spyware  SpyWare ('Spying Software') generally refers to applications that monitor and/or record PC activity. This may include spying on keyboard entry (including passwords) via keyloggers, websites visited and other prying into privacy. SpyWare can overlap with AdWare hence the signs, delivery methods and repairs are often the same. Yes
 AdWare  AdWare ('Advertising Software') is a term generally used to describe an application that provides unwanted advertisements on a computer. There are some overlaps with SpyWare, but generally AdWare is considered to be less harmful. The signs of AdWare, delivery methods and repairs are often the same as SpyWare. Yes
 Trojans A form of MalWare that is disguised as something else. For example a browser toolbar may have a nice new cool tool, but it could really be recording everything you do. Yes
 Keyloggers An application designed to log your keystrokes, trapping valuable information such as passwords etc. Yes
 Worms A type of virus that replicates across computer networks (including email systems). Yes
 Phishing Pronounced Fishing. A method by which information is sought from someone, under the guise of a legitimate request. Such information could include credit card info, personal details etc.
 Popups Yes
 BadSites  Attempts to limit access to certain 'bad' websites. Yes
 SPAM  The term 'SPAM' is generally used to describe unsolicited and unwanted messages. A spammer generally sends such messages in mass quantities. SPAM is usually associated with EMail
 Firewall  A FireWall acts as a security barrier between computer networks. It's more common usage in relation to the internet is that it acts as a barrier between your computer and the internet.
 -'Invisible'  'Hiding' your PC from the internet ('invisible').
 Heuristic  Attempts to detect Malware not necessarily in database, based on characteristics. Yes
 More Info LavaSoft AB - Ad-Aware Pro Info
 Updater  Ongoing Update of Malware Database Yes
 Real-Time  Operates in background as PC may perform normal tasks. Yes
 Schedule  Scheduled Scans Yes
 FREE SCAN LavaSoft AB - Ad-Aware Pro Download
 Review LavaSoft AB
Ad-Aware Pro
 -Rated LavaSoft AB - Ad-Aware Pro Review
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LavaSoft Ad-Aware Pro Download

LavaSoft Ad-Aware Pro Download

This software product is now available for download and you may perform a free scan.
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Last checked: July 20, 2009
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