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Archives - System News and Security News.

Our news items are archived over time to try keep our news pages up to date and relevant.  Previous security and system news items may still be of use and hence may be found in our archive areas.

Note: If you are looking for more general information on system and security matters then please visit our Information area.

The following archived security and system news includes items relating to previous security and system areas of interest in the past.  Listed are each item and a brief description of the each item, for your convenience.  Please keep in the mind the date of  the news when considering relevance.

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Security News Archives

Several threats:
May 2011.

  • Ikea Facebook Giftcard Scam News
    Free System Scan - News - Ikea Facebook Giftcard Scam: Comment on reports of an apparent Ikea giftcard scam on a bogus Facebook page,
  • Microsoft EMail Security Update News
    Free System Scan - News - Microsoft EMail Security Update: Comment on recently released Microsoft EMail update. These are security updates for Microsoft EMail products including Outlook Express, Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail.
  • Update Microsoft Windows Tuesday News
    Free System Scan - News - Update Microsoft Windows Tuesday: Advanced Microsoft update announced for Tuesday next week addressing various security vulnerabilities.
  • Adobe Foxit PDF Reader Malware News
    Free System Scan - News - Adobe Foxit PDF Reader Malware: Comment on recent reports and security of PDF files in terms of PDF Malware insertion when accessing PDF documents.
  • Microsoft IE 10 Updates News
    Free System Scan - News - Microsoft IE 10 Updates: Comment on Microsoft IE Updates to 10 issues, security related for April 2010.
  • Wholefoods Facebook Scam News
    Free System Scan - News - Wholefoods Facebook Scam: Comment on Wholefoods scam on Facebook, social network scams and Facebook scams in general.
  • Firefox 3 6 3 Upgrade News
    Free System Scan - News - Firefox 3.6.3 Upgrade: Firefox upgrade for security, applies to all users of Mozilla's firefox. Mozilla urges all users to upgrade firefox to 3.6.3.
  • Microsoft Takesdown Waledac Botnet News
    Free System Scan - News - Microsoft Takesdown Waledac Botnet: Microsoft claims waledac botnet takedown success as discussion continues on methods for takedowns of botnets.
  • Malware In Advertising News
    Free System Scan - News - Malware In Advertising: Comment on Malware Advertising where site ads with malware can infect a PC. Comment on drive by download prevention methods relating to advertising malware.
  • Microsoft Security Update Rootkit News
    Free System Scan - News - Microsoft Security Update Rootkit: Discussion on recent problems relating to Microsoft security update on PCs that may be infected with a rootkit type of malware.
  • FireFox Memory Corruption Error News
    Free System Scan - News - FireFox Memory Corruption Error: Discussion Firefox Memory error and other security vulnerabilities reported on Mozilla's FireFox web browser.
  • Twitter Blocking Malware News
    Free System Scan - News - Twitter Blocking Malware: Comment on improved malware prevention on social networking as Twitter blocks malware links with a new service.
  • Adobe Reader Flash Security Update News
    Free System Scan - News - Adobe Reader Flash Security Update: Adobe patching and releasing security updates for Adobe Reader and Flash.
  • Internet Explorers 6 Security Update News
    Free System Scan - News - Internet Explorers 6 Security Update: Comment on IE Security Update released after recent reports and help with making Internet Explorer secure generally, as well as Internet Explorer update techniques.
  • Twitter Password Reset News
    Free System Scan - News - Twitter Password Reset: Comment on importance of password reset and good password practices following Twitter resetting user passwords as a security measure
  • FireFox Pulls MalWare Addons News
    Free System Scan - News - FireFox Pulls MalWare Addons: Comment as mozilla pulls certain firefox addons detected as containing malware after additional security scans.
  • Phishing SPAM on Facebook News
    Free System Scan - News - Phishing SPAM on Facebook: Comment on Phishing and Spamming with Facebook and it's potential costly consequences.
  • Internet Explorers Security News
    Free System Scan - News - Internet Explorers Security: Comment on IE Security amid recent concerns and tips to make Internet Explorer more secure including keeping Internet Explorer up to date.
  • Firefox Security Update News
    Free System Scan - News - Firefox Security Update: Comment on Firefox 3.5.6 update, security update for firefox safer browsing on the interenet.
  • Adobe Security Update Zero Day News
    Free System Scan - News - Adobe Security Update Zero Day: Adobe update to patch Adobe zero day potential security vulnerability.
  • Y2K 2010 DejaVu News
    Free System Scan - News - Y2K 2010 DejaVu: Comment on Y2K 10 years on with the reported 2010 Y2K bug apparently causing some problems.
  • Christmas Scam Season News
    Free System Scan - News - Christmas Scam Season 2009: Advice on some of the types of online Christmas scams that can be present at this time of year.
  • Safer Browsing IE6 News
    Free System Scan - News - Safer Browsing IE6: Comment on Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 being superseded, and safer browsing through IE8, released in 2009.
  • Avoid Hack Email Leak News
    Free System Scan - News - Avoid Hack Email Leak: Comment on reports of recent email hack on climate change email accounts. Discuss ways to avoid account and email hacks.
  • Windows 7 Zero Day News
    Free System Scan - News - Windows 7 Zero Day: Comment on Zero Day and recent reports of potential Windows 7 Zero Day exploit and update.
  • SPAM Scams On The Web News
    Free System Scan - News - SPAM Scams: Comment on SPAM scan targeting not just EMail but also SPAM Scams on the web, social network sites and SPAM phishing attacks.
  • Malware On The Web News
    Free System Scan - News - Malware On The Web: Comment on apparent rise in web based malware infections. Comment on infected sites and how to try prevent web based malware infecting PCs.
  • Windows 7 Update News
    Free System Scan - News - Windows 7 Update: Comment on recent release on Window 7 by Microsoft. Windows 7 feature summary, XP usage and Windows 7 security.
  • Critical Security Patch Fix Update October 2009 News
    Free System Scan - News - Critical Security Patch Fix Update October 2009: Comment on upcoming critical security update and reminder of importance of up to date software.
  • MSE MalWare Virus SpyWare News
    Free System Scan - News - MSE MalWare Virus SpyWare: Comment and first impressions on the recently released Microsoft Security Essentials scan and realtime anti-malware software.
  • AntiPhishing EMail News
    Free System Scan - News - AntiPhishing EMail: Comment and insight on the recent reported email Phishing attacks compromising systems. Discussing Anti Phishing EMail techniques.


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